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Der deutsche Botschafter Dr. Georg Witschel bei seinem Besuch
 trifft den Buergermeister Stadt Medan Herrn Dzulmi Eldin am 18/09/2014

Duta Besar Jerman untuk Indonesia Bapak Dr. Georg Witschel saat berkunjung ke Medan, temui Bapak Dzulmi Eldin Wali kota Medan  pada tanggal 18/09/2014

Ikut bersama Delegasi ini diantaranya:
auch mitgekommen sind:

- Jan H. Roennfeld, Managing Director of EKONID
- Ulrich Mohr, Country Director GIZ Indonesia, Timor-Leste and ASEAN
- Josef Winter, President Director and CEO PT. Siemens Indonesia
- Dr. Irene Jansen, Director DAAD Indonessia
- Juergen Lentzko, Vice Director Goethe Institut Indonesia
- Holger Seubert, Head of Economic Department, Kedubes Jerman 
- Roland Rohde, PhD, Chief Representative Germany Trade & Invest 
- Lantip Prakoso Kusmanhadji, Political and Press Affairs Kedubes Jerman di Jakarta
- Rafael Wiese, Senior Advisor LCORE-INDO, GIZ Jakarta 

Tukar cenderamata antara Ketua Kadinsu Ivan Batubara dengan Duta Besar Jerman 
Dr. Georg Witschel didampingi Managing Director EKONID Jan Roennfeld dan
Mr.Holger Seubert, Head of Economic Department, Kedubes Jerman 


Tukar cenderamata antara Duta Besar Jerman Dr.Georg Witschel 
dengan Ketua Yayasan Grand Medistra Drs. Johannes Sembiring.
Johannes Sembiring ist der Inhaber der Grand Medistra Hospital und 
Rumah Sakit Sembiring Krankenhaus, Deli Tua

                          Dubes Jerman disambut hangat dan dihibur dengan nyanyian                     
                                   Mahasiswi akademi keperawatan dan kebidanan Medistra

                      Dubes ucapan terima kasih dan melambaikan tangan di saat perpisahan

 Herr Juergen Lentzko, Goethe Institut Indonesia dan Binaman Kasan. 

 Grand Medistra Hospital Johannes Sembiring, DAAD Indonessia Dr. Irene Jansen 
 dan Binaman Kasan, FKIJ

 Jennifer Lawrence and Marco T. Raditya,  FKIJ Liaison  in Singapore
Christopher Hew,  FKIJ Liaison  in United Kingdom (UK)


Analisa, Medan date 03.04.2010

Priode 2010-2015

Medan, Harian Analisa  date 03.04.2010

Mayoral Candidate Must Possess Vision Mission and 
Solution to Develop Medan City

Medan, (Analisa)
Chairman of Forum Komunikasi Indonesia-Jerman (FKIJ) Binaman Kasan, Dipl.-Inform said that Medan city still faces many problems which have not shown any serious reform and significant improvements.
                “I assess and feel that the development and improvement of Medan city is still running in place until today. It does not show any significant progress in facing many problems that exist, what is seen looks like the onset of injustice and disadvantage experienced by Medan residents,” said Binaman Kasan to Analisa in Medan, Friday (2/4).
                Binaman says Medan city is more mature in age, but it does not show any increase in well-being and quality of life, as well as better and cleaner urban planning, which should have been enjoyed by its citizen long time ago. However there occurs clutter and government bureaucracy was not in favor of the people.
                He mentioned, ranging from traffic congestion that is getting worse - consequently wasting fuel / increasing in transportation fare -, sustained power outage, (-severely) damaged road infrastructure and not the expansion or development of roads and urban transport.
                Some other things that also need serious attention from the candidates for mayor of Medan, namely employment (unemployment and poverty), expensive health and education costs. Very unfortunate, local government bureaucracy to obtain family card, ID card, birth certificate until business licensing - not least for investor from overseas -.

Fundamental issues and solutions
                One example of environmental and hygiene, encouraging waste recycling industry in Medan by attracting investors from outside – with mutually benefit cooperation-, can also create new jobs for scavengers or unemployed.
                Most importantly, he said that the industrial sector that can boost economic growth in the region and accommodate labor. “It’s not too difficult.., if our downstream palm oil industry, can be developed and boosted by local leaders by bringing in investors,” added Binaman.
                Here FKIJ and their staffs can also bring and bridge the cooperation and investment with countries of Germany and Austria. The Industry and technology are ready to be implemented.
                He said, a superior product that is also the largest export of Sumatera is palm oil. Strangely, raw materials such as CPO (Crude Palm Oil), are exported abroad. Instead the selling price can be much higher, if the derivatives can be cultivated in the area, to serve various downstream products such as edible oils, soaps, cosmetics and so on.
                In addition, the CPO export Tax through Belawan Seaport – hundreds of billions of dollars per month – that had been entered into APBN (Central Government, National  State Budget ) will turn into local revenues PAD (Local Government, Medan City Budget). Certainly will be more useful and profitable to the citizens of Medan for infrastructure development and employment, but it is an additional revenue for local government.

Figure of Prospective Leader / Mayor
                He added, entering the stage of the Regional Head General Election. Medan city residents would expect a leader who can solve the problems faced, care and responsible towards its citizens complained of suffering. “We will be proud, having Medan Leader period 2010-2015 with figure of good character, honest, brave and committed,” he said.
                Binaman also confirmed the new leader in PLN (State Electricity Generation Company) to be taken as an example of relevance to the future mayor who will be chosen that is a figure that is very commendable. “Mr. Dahlan Iskan PLN  President Director. He is able to do new and revolutionary breakthrough to overcome the problem of power outages in North Sumatera. Thanks to his concern, awareness, seriousness and high commitment, then the outage protracted over the years can be resolved immediately to this day,” he said.
                Just imagine, all this time people are helpless, silently suffering and could only hear promises from PLN North Sumatra that is always filled with a variety of reasons for blackout, ironically like an effort to trick the people of North Sumatra.
                “Another step, new innovations will also be applied by Mr. Dahlan which were not done by the predecessor, in the future, the power plant can also be developed or managed by private (privatization) to meet the electricity demand in North Sumatra,” he said.
                Binaman questioned, why nearly 30 years PLN use more oil as the fuel, as the oil is expensive – like burning cash money- , while other alternative power plants, there are many more that can be developed by using coal  or gas.
                Meanwhile Renewable Energy, our nature is rich with geothermal, hydropower, wind power, and also solar power. Just imagine, PT Inalum Asahan is using hydropower for 30 years, does not require fuel, isn’t  it?  Also is environmentally friendly and cheaper in price, due to the wealth of natural resources that we have.
                Addressing these issues, Binaman Kasan said, the need for the 10 pair of contestants of Medan upcoming mayoral candidates, first must know and understand about the various problems being faced by the citizens of this region. (maf)

PLN, Perusahaan Listrik Negara,  Indonesian State –owned Electricity Company
PT. Inalum, Indonesian and Nippon  Asahan Aluminium, An Aluminium Smelter and producer Company in Kuala Tanjung. A joint venture company Japan and Indonesian.

PERIODE 2009-2014

Awaiting Leaders that Care for the Environment

                In a few days, the 2009 presidential election campaign will start. Almost certainly, the three pairs of presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate will take advantage of this socialization phase as much as possible.
            Because the fact is, let alone the campaign period. Even before the campaign period, socialization by the three presidential candidates / vice have been so intensively carried out by the success team. Including in North Sumatra.
            It can be seen that the attributes from the three presidential candidates / supporting parties have been fluttering in some streets. The scenery is visible from the city center to the outskirts of Medan city. In fact, the condition is similar to the previous Legislative campaign time.
            For the Medan residents, they certainly expects that the three success teams of presidential/vice presidential candidates can avoid campaign pattern like in the past Legislative Election campaigns. At that time, the Legislative candidates and parties have done a very non- environmental friendly campaign.
            Just imagine, 38 political parties, raising the various forms of attributes. Worse, there were also campaign from thousands of legislative candidates from various parties, including DPD (Dewan Perwakilan Daerah) candidates. They “raise” their own attributes. There were billboards, banners, pictures, posters, stickers and so on.
            The area to stick and hang the attributes are practically all over the places. No exception for any existing trees on the edge of the road. Therefore, it was so hard not to see the tree that is not nailed to install the attributes for campaign.
            DPP chairman of Golkar party, Burhanuddin Napitupulu, have said that, if only trees could talk, it would probably cry. It is because all around its body was nailed to the installation of the campaign attributes.
            Referring to that Legislative Election experience, it is much expected that there will be no longer similar case in the Presidential Election campaign later. This would require the awareness of all parties. Particularly, the campaign for the three presidential/vice presidential success team. Because, these success teams are the spearhead for these three pairs in socializing themselves.
            Election authorities, namely the General Elections Commission (KPU) – even including the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu), also has a very important role in creating a campaign that is friendly to nature. This can be done through anticipatory action to create rules / restrictions firmly. Not only that. Even if possible, the rules to be accompanied by sanctions to those who violate the law.
            The success team should have the awareness that, nailing a tree to put up campaign attributes, not only destroy the beauty and damaging the environment. But more than that, it also hurt another innocent living creatures. In fact, these living creatures have given many benefits to human life.
            The success team also need to understand that planting and maintaining trees have an equally important meaning in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. In other words, maintaining and caring for existing/growing trees, is much more difficult than planting them.
            Therefore, as the implementation of Tree Planting Movement, the whole society and local governments are expected to hold a “Movement to Save the Tree” and “Maintaining Environmental Sustainability”. It is time to increase awareness of the maintenance of existing trees. Because without good care, it is difficult for urban trees to grow and develop properly.

Environmental Conservation Program 

But, this is the attitude that has been rare to be found. Because in fact, human action in destroying the environment is so wild. So far there has been no political leaders of this country that are willing to make it happen. At least visible in the programs offered to preserve the environment. There has been no leader in this country who has a real program to realize the green ecology & development.
            Similarly to the political elite, they did not have the calling to conserve the environment. It can be seen, from 38 political parties in Indonesia, none of the green party bearing the “Green” logo with the motto of Go Green & Go Clean.
            At least as green-oriented party, which has a clear vision and mission towards care, attention and awareness of the environment that is green, healthy and clean. For example, create jobs and drive the technology to promote the implementation of recycling process, wet and dry garbage separation -made from paper, glass and plastic-. Also serious attention is needed to tree planting, maintenance / care and saving trees that have flourished and grow large.

Green Party
            Indeed, something like this existis in the developed countries. For example, in the Federal Republic of Germany with its green party named “Buendnis 90/die Gruene”.
            At this time, the green-based party (die Gruenen) is one of the opposition parties that have won the national popular vote by 8.1% in September 2005 election. Survey agencies in Germany predicted that at the September 2009 election, the Green Party is still going to reach around 10.5% of the vote.
            One of the contributions made by the green party to the people is unpolluted air, clean water and free from toxic chemicals, energy saving and healthy environment. Since the care and awareness with knowledge and morality of the people towards the environmental sustainability is relatively high, it is very useful, so it receives huge sympathy from the citizens of that technology based country.

            In addition to that, other things that also need attention in an effort to preserve the environment is, traffic-related matter. Congestion which has become a classic serious problem, not only cause air pollution and global warming. But also result in a change in the weather, which is unnatural as scorching heat and instantaneous rainfall and rising temperatures on the surface of the earth (the earth heats up). In fact, we have entered a stage of the climate crisis. Another serious problem is the waste of nation’s and people’s money. This occurs because almost every citizen of Indonesia require transportation.
            Imagine, a trip that should take 10 minutes, due to the traffic jams it takes 20 minutes to 30 minutes. Sometimes even more. Everything becomes more expensive, isn’t it?
            While fuel was subsidized by government through APBN (nation’s budget). Plus people also have to spend more cost/money (increased fuel wasted on the road, spare parts breakdown) for each application or use  Vihicles and transportation, which all caused by congestion.
            Then what if the fuel subsidy funds by the National Government allocated for support facilities, the expansion and development of road infrastructure, urban transport and find a solution  for traffic congestion? In addition to relieve the cost of living of the people, the economy of the country will run more effectively and productively. Congestion always causes stress, loss of time and energy/money, not to mention traffic accidents, air pollution and so on.
            Then what else to wait? As Environment Day on 5 June 2009, the campaign team should begin to start with a campaign that is friendly to environment. So, from now on the people of country can hope for leader who care for the environment. Moreover,for newly elected people’s representatives, while running his period later, must do more powerful controlling. Hopefully!

Penulis/Autor adalah alumnus Universitas Jerman,
Pengamat Teknologi dan lingkungan hidup
Email: binaman.kasan@yahoo.com

Medan, Analisa, date 16/06/2009
Written by Binaman Kasan

President/Vice-President Candidates Success Team are Encouraged to Keep Environment during Campaign

              The three pair of President and Vice President Campaign team are encouraged to conduct the campaign in environmentally friendly way and do not harm the beauty of the city with various campaign attributes.
On the other hand, the voters, are expected to pay attention to the support given to the candidates who care about the environment during the campaign.

Thus said by the environmentalist, Binaman Kasan Dipl. Inform in Medan, Tuesday (16/6).
This German university graduates was disappointed with the previous Legislative Election campaign. At that time, he added, all over the city was so chaotic due to many attributes of the campaign, both attributes from thousands of legislative candidates or political parties. “Imagine that there were 38 political parties to campaign. While the legislative candidates reached thousands of people. Can you imagine how chaotic Medan city at that time due to the attributes from the political parties and legislative candidates,” he said.
It’s not a surprise if at that time, there was almost no empty place without campaign attributes. Including every single tree at the side of the road. “So much so that it was so difficult to see any tree that is not nailed with / installed with attributes of campaigns parties and legislative candidates,” then he illustrated, “the tree was used as a passive voters who do not have voting rights”, said Binaman Kasan.
He wishes that the success team to have an awareness, nailing the trees to put up the campaign attribute is not only disrupting the beauty and damaging the environment. But also, hurting innocent living creatures. Yet this creatures have provided many benefits to human life.
According to him, the success team also need to understand that planting and maintaining tress have meaning that are equally important in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. In other words, maintaining and caring for existing or growing trees, is more difficult that planting them. This needs serious attention to anticipate the emergence of new problems. “Planting a million trees, only a thousand can grow.”

Rare Attitude
                He considered this attitude has been rare. Because in fact, human action in destroying the environment is so brutal. Because, in fact, so far there has been no political leader is willing to make it happen. It would be nice, if one of the programs offered includes preserving the environment.
            “Unheard of future leaders of this country that has a real program to realize the green ecology and development. As well as the political elite, they did not have the calling in preserving the environment,” he said.
            From any of the 38 political parties in Indonesia, none of the Green Party bearing the “Green” logo with motto  Go Green and Go Clean  likewise in the Federal Republic of Germany and Austria with the green party named “Buendnis 90/die Gruene” or so-called “die Gruene”. The party is green-oriented, has a clear vision and mission of the care, attention and awareness of the environment that is green, healthy and clean.

 Jennifer Lawrence and Marco T. Raditya,  FKIJ Liaison  in Singapore
Christopher Hew,  FKIJ Liaison  in United Kingdom (UK)



Endlich sagte der Vice Governor Erry Nuradi in einer Presse Erklaerung am 29/01/2014 in Medan. "Stromdefizit in der Region Nord Sumatera"

Nun Herr Erry Nuradi ist der Governor der Provinz Nord Sumatera (Date 18.08.2015, FKIJ)


Puluhan Anak Rayakan Natal di Betlehem

(Analisa/istimewa) FOTO BERSAMA: Puluhan anak Panti Asuhan Betlehem 
berfoto bersama dengan Pengurus Yayasan Betlehem usai merayakan Natal baru-baru ini.

Medan, (Analisa).

 Pengurus Yayasan Betlehem yang dipimpin Ketua Jonas Hudaya berkunjung dan merayakan Natal secara sederhana bersama 90 anak-anak Panti Asuhan Betlehem di Bandar Baru, Deliserdang baru-baru ini.

Kedatangannya didampingi pelaksana dan Pengurus Yayasan Frater Abnur Nainggolan dan Binaman Kasan beserta rombongan Forum Masyarakat Katolik Indonesia (FMKI-Sumut) dengan Sekjen Jonas Hudaya, Bendahara Ester Junita Ginting, Wakil Ketua Binaman Kasan dan Hotdiman Damanik serta Wakil Sekretaris Silvester Gultom.

Jonas Hudaya mengucapkan terima kasih atas doa dan perhatian yang diberikan Pastor Marsellinus Damanik kepada anak-anak panti yang diasuhnya. Indah rasanya dengan kehadiran sejumlah pastor lainnya, seperti  Pastor  Maximilianus Sembiring,  Sebatian Ginting dan Susilo.

Setelah doa dan makan siang bersama, Pastor Marsel menyampaikan pesan pada anak-anak asuhannya, “Walaupun hidup tanpa keluarga dan penuh kesederhanaan dan kekurangan yang ada di sini, namun harus menjadi yang lebih baik lagi di tahun 2016”. katanya.

Binaman Kasan selaku Pengurus Yayasan Betlehem menyebutkan, makna Natal yang sebenarnya dapat dirasakan saat bersama-sama dengan anak yatim. Dengan meninggalkan kesan yang berbeda yakni, terlihat adanya rasa kegembiraan mereka di saat menyanyikan lagu-lagu Natal. Dan ada pula kesan  kesedihan dan kerinduan saat akan meninggalkan mereka. Di saat merayakan Natal tanpa keluarga, yang didambakan mereka adalah kasih sayang dari orang tuanya, khususnya merindukan kehadiran seorang ibu tercinta, yang  mereka tidak dapatkan.

Saat perpisahan anak-anak dengan tertib satu per satu memberikan salam gembira kepada seluruh jajaran pengurus dan pastor yang hadir. Mereka juga mendapatkan hadiah Natal berupa uang saku dari  Jonas Hudaya dan istri Helmi.

Terpisah Frater Ibnur menambahkan, kita juga memiliki sekolah yang di bawah naungan Yayasan Betlehem. Lokasinya tepat disebelah panti asuhan mengalami penambahan siswa secara terus menerus. Namun kapasitas ruang di sekolah itu terbatas hanya sampai 1000 murid saja.(rel/ns)

Kamis, 31 Desember 2015 | Dibaca 38 kali

 Tantangan Kehidupan Menggereja 
di Zaman Modern Semakin Nyata

 Sabtu, 9 Mei 2015 | 09:42:55

SIB/Horas Pasaribu / FOTO BERSAMA: Pemred Harian SIB GM Immanuel Panggabean BBA 
dan Ketua FMKI Sumut Parlindungan Purba SH foto bersama pengurus lainnya di antaranya 
Sekretaris Jonas Hudaya MBA, Wakil Ketua Bidang Politik CP Nainggolan SE, 
Wakil Ketua Bidang Hubungan Kerjasama  Binaman Kasan MSc, Wakil Sekretaris Silvester Gultom, 
Alexander Ginting, Wilfrid B Sinaga SH dan Pastor Aditya Perangin-angin OCarm saat audiensi, 
Sabtu (8/5) di Kantor Harian SIB Medan.

Medan (SIB)- Forum Masyarakat Katolik Indonesia (FMKI) Sumut  menggerakkan sosialisasi keberadaan Katolik di tengah- tengah kehidupan berbangsa dan bernegara. 
 Hal itu disampaikan Ketua FMKI Sumut Parlindungan Purba SH MH saat audiensi di Kantor Harian SIB Medan, Jumat (8/5).

Audiensi yang diterima langsung Pemimpin Redaksi Harian SIB GM Immanuel Panggabean BBA fokus membicarakan seputar tantangan kehidupan bergereja di zaman sekarang dan ke depan serta keberadaan FMKI Sumut dan rencana pelantikan pengurus FMKI Sumut yang akan dilaksanakan, Sabtu (9/5) di Hotel Santika Medan.

Parlindungan Purba menyampaikan, kehadiran FMKI adalah sebagai bentuk keikutsertaan umat (awam) dalam pelayanan gereja karena jumlah perkembangan umat dan pertambahan jumlah pastor (imam) tidak seimbang karena pertumbuhan umat mengalami peningkatan, sedangkan  pertumbuhan imam atau pastor mengalami penurunan.

Dalam prinsip FMKI bahwa FMKI hadir untuk mengisi peranan perencanaan hidup menggereja yang merupakan perpaduan tugas hirarki dan awam. Kegiatan kegiatan FMKI itu akan bisa dilihat umat melalui pemberitaan- pemberitaan media, khususnya Harian SIB yang selama ini konsisten dalam memberitakan kegiatan FMKI.

Kegiatan-kegiatan FMKI adalah bagaimana agar umat Katolik tergerak dan berkonstribusi dalam kehidupan berbangsa dengan menunjukkan jati diri 100 persen Katolik dan 100 persen Indonesia.

Parlindungan Purba yang didampingi Sekretaris Jonas Hudaya MBA, Wakil Ketua Bidang Politik CP Nainggolan SE, Wakil Ketua Bidang Hubungan Kerjasama Luar Negeri Binaman Kasan MSc, Wakil Sekretaris Silvester Gultom, Alexander Ginting, Wilfrid B Sinaga SH dan Pastor Aditya Perangin-angin OCarm menyampaikan, pelantikan akan diawali dengan Perayaan Ekaristi yang dipimpin langsung Uskup Agung Medan Mgr Dr AB Sinaga OFMCap, dilanjutkan dengan pelantikan FMKI Sumut periode 2015-2020, dan sosialisasi tentang investasi di Sumut dengan menghadirkan pembicara dari Badan Investasi Nasional.

Pemred Harian SIB GM Immanuel Panggabean mengatakan, pengabdian yang dilakukan Harian SIB dalam pemberitaaan kegiatan-kegiatan gereja bukan karena  mengejar jasa tapi merupakan kewajiban. Karena Harian SIB lahir dari sebuah kezoliman sehingga eksistensinya konsisten  untuk pengabdian. Maka dalam perjalanannya yang saat ini sudah  memasuki usia ke 45,  Harian SIB selalu  konsisten dengan pengabdian kepada umat beragama khususnya Kristen/Katolik dan bukan melulu urusan komersil.

Sementara menyikapi tantangan kehidupan bergereja dalam perkembangan jaman yang semakin kompleks saat ini  maka sudah saatnya dirembukkan dan dicari terobosan dalam memberi solusi.

Krisis yang dihadapi gereja saat ini adalah suatu tantangan yang perlu diperbincangkan dan bila perlu dilakukan jalinan kerjasama yang intens dengan pihak luar.

Pada kesempatan itu Immanuel Panggabean menyampaikan apresiasi yang tinggi kepada para pastor Katolik yang telah memberikan pengabdian luar biasa dalam pelayanan gereja dengan meninggalkan kehidupan duniawi.

Namun tidak berimbangnya pertambahan jumlah umat dengan pastor itu adalah suatu tantangan yang harus segera disikapi karena yang akan muncul adalah melempemnya pertumbuhan iman para umat dan bermuara munculnya kaum atheis. Ke depan yang perlu ditegaskan bahwa kehidupan bergereja adalah merupakan kewajiban untuk menyembah Tuhan. Hal ini harus ditanamkan kepada anak-anak sejak usia dini yang dimulai dari unit-unit rumah tangga umat. (A8/f)

Parlindungan Purba
- Ketua FMKI Sumut
- Senator,Anggota Parlemen Ketua Komisi II DPD-RI
- Ketua APINDO Sumut
- Dewan Penasehat FKIJ


DUBES JERMAN DIULOSI Dubes Jerman untuk Indonesia Georg Witschel diulosi Sekdaprovsu Nurdin Lubis bersama Kepala BPMP Sumut Purnama Dewi, saat kunjungannya ke Kantor Gubsu Jalan Diponegoro Medan, Rabu 20 Maret 2013. Jerman menyatakan ketertarikannya membangun pabrik perakitan mobil Volkswagen di Sumut. (medanbisnis/benny pasaribu)

Kamis, 21 Mar 2013 07:11 WIB
Jerman Tertarik Bangun Perakitan Mobil Volkswagen di Sumut
MedanBisnis – Medan. Setelah China, Jerman menyatakan ketertarikannya berinvestasi di Sumatera Utara (Sumut) untuk membangun industri perakitan mobil Volkswagen. Sejauh ini Jerman masih fokus mengamati di mana tepatnya di Sumut lokasi perakitan salah satu mobil tersohor di dunia itu.
Hal itu diutarakan Duta Besar Jerman untuk Indonesia, Georg Witschel, saat berkunjung ke Pemprovsu, yang diterima Sekdaprovsu Nurdin Lubis didamping Kepala Badan Penanaman Modal dan Promosi (BPMP) Sumut Purnama Dewi, Kadis Kominfo Jumsadi Damanik di Kantor Gubsu, Jalan Diponegoro Medan, Rabu (20/3).

Jerman, menurut Georg, lebih memilih Sumut ketimbang Pulau Jawa. Antara lain faktornya adalah karena Pulau Jawa sudah relatif padat. Kemudian peluang pengembangan industri lebih lanjut di Sumut, masih sangat terbuka.

Harapannya, Sumut menjadi pemasok mobil Volkswagen untuk seluruh daerah di Indonesia, seperti Jawa, Sulawesi, Kalimantan dan Sumatera, atau bahkan ke pasar Asia Tenggara. "Sehingga tidak lagi didominasi China, yang terlebih dahulu memiliki perakitan Volkswagen," ujarnya.

Karenanya, Jerman meminta Pemda di Sumut membantu terwujudnya rencana investasi ini. Selain meminta bantuan lokasi pendirian, Jerman juga meminta kepastian energi listrik dan gas, kepelabuhanan, rel kereta api hingga jalan tol trans Sumatera dan juga jaminan kenyamanan berinvestasi. "Maksud kami agar nantinya operasional perakitan terdukung pemasarannya ke seluruh Indonesia dan biaya logistik pun bisa ditekan," sebutnya.

Dengan berhasilnya perakitan Volkswagen, tidak menutup kemungkinan ke depan dibangunnya perakitan mobil Mercedes Benz dan BMW. Pihaknya juga kata Georg, ingin bekerja sama dengan pemerintah untuk pengembangan jaringan rel maupun armada kereta api di Sumut dan kepelabuhanan serta bandara udara.

Menurut Georg, Jerman telah memasok armada kereta api bawah tanah di China yang walaupun kemudian mereknya dijiplak China. "Kemudian Bremen selama ini menjadi salah satu model dunia yang sukses menginiasiasi operasional pelabuhan-pelabuhan ternama di berbagai belahan dunia," ujar Georg.

Selain itu, Pemerintah Jerman akan mendorong pengusaha swasta untuk turut menanamkan modalnya di Sumut. Jerman menurutnya berkeinginan investasi di Sumut, terlebih karena Sumut merupakan koridor 1 untuk Sumatera dalam Master Plan Percepatan Pembangunan Ekonomi Indonesia (MP3EI). Di mana salah satunya melalui kawasan ekonomi khusus (KEK) Sei Mangkei di Simalungun.

Sekdaprovsu Nurdin Lubis menyambut ketertarikan Jerman membanguan perakitan Volkswagen di Sumut. "Ya, kita bisa membantu untuk terwujudnya rencana yang kami kira ini sangat strategis," ujar Nurdin didampingi Purnama Dewi.

Lokasi yang bisa dipilih, menurutnya kawasan ekonomi khusus Batu Bara. Kawasan ini sangat tepat karena merupakan kawasan pelabuhan Kuala Tanjung, di mana Kuala Tanjung fokus dikembangkan hingga menjadi pelabuhan bertaraf internasional, yang termasuk dalam program MP3EI.

Bahkan selain perakitan mobil Volkswagen, kata Nurdin, Pemprovsu juga mengundang Jerman untuk menanamkan investasinya di KEK Sei Mangkei, kawasan yang saat ini fokus mengembangkan industri hilir kelapa sawit. "Unilever dan sejumlah perusahaan lainnya, sudah ada di Sei Mangkei, harapan kami Jerman juga ikut. Kami, Pemprovsu bisa menggaransi," tegasnya. (benny pasaribu)